Unable perform Offline region from Rest API for Cosmos DB Account

Ravi Teja Manchikanti 46 Reputation points

I was using below API to offline the region from Cosmos DB Account


Im getting an error like below

"offlineRegion capability not enabled for database account coresql-db. ActivityId: ec0d938f-5890-4a22-8c8a-77487b1318af, Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Common/2.11.0"

Am I missing anything to enable on portal ? Could you please help !

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  1. Navtej Singh Saini 4,171 Reputation points

    Hi RaviTeja

    To offline any region from the cosmos db account , we need to remove the region from the replicate data globally blade. Please find the below documentation that explains regarding the process to add/remove the regions.

    Add/Remove Regions

    About the API:

    This API is managed by product team internally and this shouldn’t be invoked by customers.

    1) Cosmos DB automatically triggers failovers of accounts when you enable “Automatic Failover”. The current write region is marked offline and the other regions are promoted as the write region (Based on how you configure them).

    2) Automatic failover is part of the DRI and is nearly immediate. SDK is multi-homing enabled and will failover to right region in your priority. You can test how this works with controlled manual failover today. Please refer to : High Avail

    Please let me know of any concerns.


    Navtej S

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  1. THIAGO ATAURI TURINI 1 Reputation point

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