Documents are not moving from Drop-Off library to Record center in SharePoint Online

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Hi All,

I have configured the rule to move the document set content to the record center in the content organizer. But when we add the .zip file to <Document Set CT> (Packaged) - the zip file stays back in the drop-off library, it does not go to the record library - when we upload the file in drop-off library we get the below message:

"Moved to Drop Off Library
The document was submitted successfully. Its location will change pending action from a site administrator. For now, you can continue to access the document here:

I have checked in google, many links saying that it might happen when we don't feel the mandatory require column values which causes the data validation error, but I ensure that I have updated all column values, still, it does not move to the record library.

However, when we try uploading a document in the "Document" content type (a separate rule is configured for this) - it works fine, immediately it moves to the record library.

Any ideas why it does not work here?


We have also another site there also has a similar setup with the <Document Set CT> (Packaged) content type in the dropoff library - there it works.

Any help will be much appreciated on this.

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  1. ChelseaWu-MSFT 6,291 Reputation points

    The “error” you provide is actually a prompt message for successful archive to the Drop Off library.
    You can see an article here for detailed information: SharePoint Document Sets for Performance Reviews (Section "Test the Send To Connections and Validate the Content Organizer").
    Quoting which:

    You need to wait approximately 24 hours and it will be moved as designed.

    Archive for Document Sets is no different from documents if the target library is in the same site. But if you plan to send the document set to another site, they get sent to the Drop Off library first and wait for the scheduled process (SharePoint Online timer job) to move it, as is described in the message. This is the expected behavior for document sets.

    In addition, the Send To button is still available in classic experience SharePoint Online, but I was referring to the Send To Connections instead, which is required for Content Organizer in another site.
    Clicking the Send To button will have the same outcome as uploading to the Drop Off library directly.




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  1. ChelseaWu-MSFT 6,291 Reputation points

    Hi Habibur Rahaman, thank you for posting in the Q&A forum.

    Please check as following:

    1. Is the Target Path located in the same site or another site with the issued one? What about the one site that has this rule working?
      If the Target Path is in a different site, you should have a Send To connection configured via SharePoint admin center > More features > Records management > Send To Connections.
      And also an extra Content Organizer Rule is needed in the target site since the Send To connection does not include the target library, so the documents will be left in the Drop Off library in the target site.
      See the reference here: Copy/Move documents to different SharePoint site collection using Content Organizer.
    2. Double check your issued library and see if you have any validation rules/workflow/flow configured that might affect this function.
      If you cannot find anything unusual, I suggest you test this rule in a few more locations to find out where the problem lies.

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    Hi ChelseaWu-MSFT ,

    Thanks for your demo, I understand it - I am also able to reproduce this scenario when I create document set content type in the drop-off library, it automatically moves to the record library immediately, however, when I add a zip package file (document set), it stays back in the drop-off library - then after 24 hours, it moves to the target record library.

    Actually, we have two content types in the active document library in the main site with the document set and document content type which gets packaged and through content type IRM policy it comes to the record center site - then the content organizer rules take it forward. It wonders me, I have another site with the same setup where the zip packaged (document set content type) - automatically immediately goes to the target record library where it does not go to the drop-off library.

    Both the sites are in SharePoint Online with all same setup - still have two different behaviors when it comes to archiving mechanism. Could you please have your insight on this?

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