Azure Queue Storage -Unexpected delay in message delivery on a queue

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I am experiencing a delay between the time an application adds a message to a queue and the time it becomes available to read from the queue

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Source: Azure docs FAQ

Azure Queue Storage
Azure Queue Storage
An Azure service that provides messaging queues in the cloud.
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    1. • Verify the application is successfully adding the messages to the queue. Check that the application is not retrying the AddMessage method several times before succeeding. The Storage Client Library logs will show any repeated retries of storage operations.
    2. • Verify there is no clock skew between the worker role that adds the message to the queue and the worker role that reads the message from the queue that makes it appear as if there is a delay in processing.
    3. • Check if the worker role that reads the messages from the queue is failing. If a queue client calls the GetMessage method but fails to respond with an acknowledgement, the message will remain invisible on the queue until the invisibilityTimeout period expires. At this point, the message becomes available for processing again.
    4. • Check if the queue length is growing over time. This can occur if you do not have sufficient workers available to process all of the messages that other workers are placing on the queue. Also check the metrics to see if delete requests are failing and the dequeue count on messages, which might indicate repeated failed attempts to delete the message.
    5. • Examine the Storage Logging logs for any queue operations that have higher than expected E2ELatency and ServerLatency values over a longer period of time than usual.

    Source: Azure docs FAQ

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