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Alexandre Dufresne 1 Reputation point

Honeslty more of a statement then a question, don't you think you guys should do a random method for a percentage of chance to get a result and returns a bool accordingly? would be super easy, I could even code it for you.

bool PercentageChance(int percentage)
if(Next(0, 101) <= percentage)
return true;

return false;


you guys could even go as far as making a function for double also with NextDouble!

Don't you agree? I litteraly code this everytime in my projects.

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  1. Alberto Poblacion 1,556 Reputation points

    It can be simplified a bit more. You don´t need an if to return a bool.

    bool PercentageChance(int percentage)
        return Next(0, 101) <= percentage;

    And yes, anyone who needs such a function can add it to their code.

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