Azure Stream Analytics - SQL - Showing 0 rows joining with reference input with SQL Server Reference input

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Even reference data available in joining SQL Server reference input tables, no result and no errors

FROM table, Event hub input
JOIN tables, SQL Server reference input
INTO, SQL Server table
,SUM(r.FYQ1__c) AS FYQ1__c
,SUM(r.FYQ2__c) AS FYQ2__c
,SUM(r.FYQ3__c) AS FYQ3__c
,SUM(r.FYQ4__c) AS FYQ4__c
[RevenueSplitEvHuBIn] AS r TIMESTAMP BY LastModifiedDate
INNER JOIN [OpportunityInputTbl] AS o ON r.Opportunity__c = o.Id
INNER JOIN [AccountInputTbl] AS a ON o.AccountId = a.Id
GROUP BY a.Id, TumblingWindow(day,2)

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