passing double quotes in parameter to data flow

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I am working on a data flow to clean invalid characters from incoming data. I am using a derived column , and adding a column pattern, for each column that matches type=='string', with a column name expression of $$, all of which is fine. For the value expression, I need something like this - replace(replace($$,"Á","a"),"Â","a"))
If I hard code this, it works great replacing all instances in all string fields with a lower case a. But we have a table of 60+ characters in a sql table that we don't allow , and I have a stored proc that generates a multiple replace statement like the one above. But when I pass it as a parameter from the data factory it adds escape characters before each double quote. I get this - replace(replace($$,/"Á/",/"a/"),/"Â/",/"a/"))
which doesn't evaluate. Does anyone know of a way to NOT escape double quotes?

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    Hi @Engelhardt, Carl ,

    According to your description what I understand is that you were trying to pass expression as a STRING from pipeline to a DataFlow and was trying to execute as an EXPRESSION. In my knowledge, there is no STRING to EXPRESSION conversion functionality available in DataFlow yet. :(


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