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Occasional 412 errors when listing calendars using Microsoft Graph API

I'm making GET requests to the following endpoint:

Roughly 3.5% of these calls fail with a 412 error code. The same call will succeed a few minutes later. There does not seem to be any pattern to the failures.

Is this a recognized problem? Is there a solution other than ignoring the 412s and trying again later?

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HTTP 412 means that precondition failed; in other words, a precondition provided in the request (such as an if-match header) does not match the resource's current state.

  • Hows your API call look like?

  • Do you use any precondition with it?

  • Outside of your code, can you repro the issue with POSTMAN/Microsoft Graph Explorer as well?

  • Share the detailed error response (with requestid, timestamp) that you received.

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Full request:


No payload or query string parameters, and no precondition.

Full response:

412 {'error': {'code': 'ErrorIrresolvableConflict', 'message': 'The send or update operation could not be performed because the change key passed in the request does not match the current change key for the item.'}}

Don't have time to reproduce due to its transient nature.

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