How to do unattended windows 10 update

Carl Verbiest 26 Reputation points

I'm looking for a method to have windows 10 ready for work after an update.

I have the same question for 2 scenarios both on Windows 10 professional:

  1. Update & restart desktop

I end my day by selecting update & restart. Next morning the update process is waiting for me to unlock the computer before it continues.
This is not a problem of long updates, the process is just waiting for user intervention.

I'd like windows to restart as much as it needs to do the update without my intervention.

  1. Update & restart laptop over remote access

The same question as above but with the added complication that I'm remotely accessing my laptop using RDP.
This is actually the more pressing issue as, due to Covid-19 lockdown measures, my laptop is in the Office and I'm accessing it remotely.

My laptop (HP zbook) reboots with its lid closed. This works if I do a regular restart, but it fails if I do update & restart.

I'm not looking for a solution where I cannot initiate the process.

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  1. Jenny Yan-MSFT 9,326 Reputation points

    After computer restart, the previous remote session was supposed to be terminated and released. Also according to below thread, it is expected behavior to choose update and restart without bypassing them.

    But you may also take a look at on the suggestion of SCCM and WSUS mentioned:

    Hope this helps and please help to accept as Answer if the response is useful.


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  1. Reza-Ameri 16,851 Reputation points

    Regarding to the first issue, you may navigate to Settings->Accounts->Sign-in options and you will see an option called Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart and in case you enable this setting , when you restart you PC, it won't required user interaction and will just sign-in and complete entire process without user interaction.
    This scenario should be adapted when you are working remotely, however you may check Settings->Update & Security->Windows Update and click on Advanced options and there is an option called Restart this device as soon as possible when a restart is required to install an update. Windows will display a notice before the restart, and the device must be on and plugged in and you may turn it on. So device will be restarted when there is an update available.
    You may ask your IT department to setup policies to manage updates.

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  2. Carl Verbiest 26 Reputation points

    Hi Reza-Ameri

    Thank you for your reply. The first part looks promising, I'll look into that.

    The second part does not seem to match what I want. I do not want windows to reboot at will.
    I want to initiate an unattended update that returns my laptop into a state where I can remotely log on.

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  3. Carl Verbiest 26 Reputation points

    WSUS seems like something big and complex to set up just for this .
    I guess the ROI will not be big enough.

    The other suggestions I cannot easily validate as it requires a windows update to be present.

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  4. Carl Verbiest 26 Reputation points

    Thanks to Reza & Jenny, unfortunately I cannot accept 2 answers

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