Does Teams recycle hash IDs between meetings?

Tom Darling-Fernley 26 Reputation points

Meetings I create from Outlook as Teams meetings sometimes (not always) reuse the same 48-character alphanumeric hash, found in each meeting URL. Via MS Audio Conferencing, they also reuse 7-9 digit numeric conference ID. The meetings are always new Teams appointments, not forwarded or manually recycled in any way by me. Is there a way to prevent this happening?

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  1. Maurice Klein Woolthuis 76 Reputation points

    @TomDarlingFernley-6005 we found out a file which contains the next meeting id is stored for each user in C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\meeting-addin\Cache.

    When you create a Teams meeting in Outlook or in Teams this file is renewed and will contain the new Meeting ID.

    Problems with the synchronization of the user profile probably causes issues with the renewal of this file. This could explain why the same meeting id is used in other meetings. We are currently fixing the synchronization issues in our company, I will post an update if this fixed the issues with the meeting ID for us.


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  1. Sharon Zhao-MSFT 25,076 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi TomDarlingFernley-6005,

    The conference ID is set to Dynamic by default. You can reset the conference ID for a user in Microsoft Teams admin center. For more information, you can refer to this link:

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  2. Manu Philip 17,026 Reputation points MVP


    From Teams Admin center, change the settings as shown below and see it helps. Suggest you to set as Replace Caller ID with 'Anonymous'


  3. Manu Philip 17,026 Reputation points MVP


    Thanks for explaining it better. I don't find a way to set something like 'Generate Random Link always'. Teams doesn't have much PowerShell support to check these kind of settings.
    If you finds this an issue, probably you may need to raise a ticket with Microsoft. If it really happens, I am sure that it is a Teams Bug :(


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  4. Maurice Klein Woolthuis 76 Reputation points

    @TomDarlingFernley-6005 at our organisation we also face this issue. We started using MS Teams last March (using Islands mode) and users have been reporting the same issue since. In every case the Teams meeting was created in Outlook365. As it only occurs sometimes it is difficult to reproduce. We have reported the issue to Microsoft and we also got the instruction to record the issue with the Steps Recorder. So far we have not been able to record the issue when it happened. Due date of providing evidence of this issue to Microsoft is set to July 2.

    Also check 1180135 for this issue

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