MS Graph : Error on get list Message

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Microsoft Graph
Microsoft Graph
A Microsoft programmability model that exposes REST APIs and client libraries to access data on Microsoft 365 services.
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  1. Bruno Lachot 6 Reputation points


    Here are the requested ids
    request-id: 3cdaf791-28d4-4c8c-b25a-181daa553950
    client-request-id: 3cdaf791-28d4-4c8c-b25a-181daa553950$filter=createdDateTime+ge+2021-01-25T12:00:33Z+and+createdDateTime+lt+2021-01-26T00:00:33Z+and+isDraft+eq+false&$top=1&$skip=7&$select=createdDateTime
    request-id: 0b1f7649-a9e6-4522-bf98-4cbb135233c3
    client-request-id: 0b1f7649-a9e6-4522-bf98-4cbb135233c3

    I think it's a timeout or something like that.
    By adding the top and skip parameters, it seems that the query is full executed and only the requested results are returned.
    By decreasing the range we have a response, for eXample :$filter=createdDateTime+ge+2021-01-25T12:30:33Z+and+createdDateTime+lt+2021-01-25T13:00:33Z+and+isDraft+eq+false&


  2. Bruno Lachot 6 Reputation points


    There are no errors message.
    The first request return a response with code 200 but it is truncated.
    The second return a code 503 without message

    You can find details in attached file. I cannot join the truncated json response because it's prohibited.

    About pagination, it is already used because the api makes a top 10 by default.
    By adding a &$top=5 in the query, the behavior remains the same.
    The default page size is 10 messages.


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