Windows 10 Reset PC : Keep my files VS. Remove everything

Aino Ro 16 Reputation points


I am using Windows 10 (Asus laptop) and I want to reset my PC (only C: drive).
I can see two options A. Keep my files B. Remove everything

My question is: Does 'Remove everything' remove all files in my D: drive, or it only removes everything in C: drive?

Thank you.

Windows 10 Setup
Windows 10 Setup
Windows 10: A Microsoft operating system that runs on personal computers and tablets.Setup: The procedures involved in preparing a software program or application to operate within a computer or mobile device.
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  1. Karlie Weng 15,761 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello @Aino Ro

    You will lose your files if you have installed Windows Operating System on D drive. If you haven't installed the Operating System on D drive, then you will not lose any files in D: drive.

    In Windows 10, The refresh and reset PC have been combined into a single button. Now, if you click it, you'll be given two options:
    whether to keep your data or remove everything.

    Keeping your data is the same as Refresh PC, it only removes your apps. On the other hand, remove everything do what it say, it functions as Reset PC.


    Now, if you try to Reset your PC, the new option comes: Only remove data from Windows Drive, or remove from all drive; both options explained themselves.


    I hope this would be very helpful for you.

    Best Regards


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  2. Aino Ro 16 Reputation points

    Hi KarlieWeng,

    Thank you for your detailed explanation.
    The problem is that Windows 10 was installed on C:, and D: only had files that I saved.
    I selected 'Only the drive where Windows is installed' and reset my laptop, but it rest both C: and D:.
    All files on my D: got deleted and I have no idea why is it so and how to recover it...


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  3. THAO HUYNH 11 Reputation points

    Dear Sir,

    I have same problem, that I reset windows 10 --> then I choose remove everything (this is my mistake step)

    And now my D: lost everything

    Please help to teach me how to restore some important files (pdf, jpg, xls)

    Thank you very much!

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  4. John Ho 11 Reputation points

    @Karlie Weng
    I had same problem, i used Windows reset to reset my Notebook, then I chosed Deleted all my files
    (By MISTAKE! i thought i deleted C: drive ONLY)

    1) I tried to go back to previous version, but there is no recovery point; Since i didnt save any backcup;

    2) I couldn't find Window.old in C: drive;


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  5. John Ho 11 Reputation points

    @Karlie Weng and Everyone

    3) Karlie, i signed in Windows using "JOHN" username, then after reset, it asked me for email, then i signed in with an EMAIL.
    Would it cause some reasons that i can't find WINDOWS.OLD or reset back to previous version?

    Please help. Thanks.

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