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Question about UWP and Xbox App for PC (Beta)

I have spent time looking through Developer Resources that Microsoft makes available, however I was unable to find more information about Xbox App for PC that is currently in Beta. Are there plans to develop a set of features, data and infrastructure to build with and or around the features of this app? I thank you in advance.

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I'm confused, are you talking about the feature update of the app for xbox for pc or there are many features of xbox for pc, will uwp have similar features? Can you please show more details about this?

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Hi FayWang,

As I understand it, the new Xbox App for Windows 10 - is part of UWP strategy, is it not? (
Maybe I am confusing earlier efforts of bringing Xbox games to PC through UWP with this new app that is developed as a separate effort.
Regardless, I am unable to find documentation for developers around the 'Xbox Beta App for Windows 10'.
Is there any insight as to whether this app is going to have developer resources available?

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You can contact the support here to ask this question.

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