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I'm on a Windows Server 2019. I'm not the one who is responsible for the installation or the security of the setup - I'm just a user with the rights to use the "Administrator" - why ever ...

Anyway, RDP is running fine, I have setup the known parameters so it is possible to use up to 2 sessions to work in parallel.

I have used RDP on other systems. It is usually like that:

  • if no session has been started yet (like after a reboot), I get automatically logged in
  • if only one of the two sessions is possible, I get automatically logged in
  • if both sessions are available (but not used), I have to choose which session I would like to use
  • if both sessions are in use or idle, I can force to get one of the sessions if necessary

Now to my problem:
On this system a new session is always created. So after a while, I have many, many disconnected sessions of the user "Administrator". I have tried several things, to limit the number sessions to two; but nothing works. Because this is the only system where I have to use the user "Administrator", I'm not sure if this causes this issue.

Any suggestion/hints/solutions ?


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  1. Georg Nowak 96 Reputation points

    Do you mean you want to limit to only 2 sessions without creating new a session ?

    Yes, that's what I would like to have and that's how I know it

    Have you tried use another account which don't have administrator rights?

    No, I didn't try yet. It is a bit "tricky" to get a separate user (would be a long story). But I already asked for it.

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  2. Georg Nowak 96 Reputation points

    Tried to use an AD user - same behaviour. With each RDP connection a new session gets started. After a while, there are a lot of disconnected sessions.

    Is the behaviour of Windows Server 2019 different from what it was with Windows Server 2016 concerning using RDP?

  3. Georg Nowak 96 Reputation points

    I have made some more checks. Even if I enable "Restrict Remote Desktop Services users to a single Remote Desktop Service session", I always get a new session.

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