SCCM Image Deployment Across Different Networks

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Good morning everyone

I wonder if you can shed some light on what we need to do.

We have two networks, we shall call these 1.x.x.x and 2.x.x.x

Our SCCM DP server is on the 2.x.x.x network which has the PXE role enabled.

We also have a a DP server on the 1.x.x.x network which has the PXE role disabled.

We can PXE boot any device on the 2.x.x.x network and run task sequences, builds, etc no problem.

Patching, software installs, etc are working fine across both networks.

However, we have devices on the 1.x.x.x network which we would like to be able to PXE boot and build. We can ping the SCCM on the 2.x.x.x network no problem, can connect to the relevant ports, etc no problem.

After lots of messing about, we have manaaged to get the devices on the 1.x.x.x to PXE boot, it loads up the SCCM screen as normal, but no matter what build we pick it fails instantly, just saying an error has occured.

What have we done wrong/not configured correctly?

Many thanks in advance

Microsoft Configuration Manager Deployment
Microsoft Configuration Manager Deployment
Microsoft Configuration Manager: An integrated solution for for managing large groups of personal computers and servers.Deployment: The process of delivering, assembling, and maintaining a particular version of a software system at a site.
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  1. Warren Pilkington 31 Reputation points

    A few things I'd recommend checking:

    • Check with your Networks team that the IP helper is configured for devices on the 1.x.x.x network to point to PXE to the PXE-enabled DP on the 2.x.x.x network.
    • Also ensure you've not set any of the DHCP options manually - this is bad. IP Helpers are always better in this instance.
    • Are your boundaries set up correctly so that machines on both networks are assigned the correct boundary, and the boundary group for the boundary has the correct assignents to the servers / DPs needed?
    • Is all the task sequence content distributed to the DP on the 1.x.x.x network? To check this, you can right click a task sequence and distribute content. If you can pick the 1.x.x.x DP then all the content isn't there, and needs distributing.

    If you're also able to take a picture of the error you get when picking a task sequence, it should tell you what the error is - if content isn't on a DP for example you will definitely see this. I can look into it if you post here.

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  2. Fiona Yan-MSFT 2,311 Reputation points


    Thank you for posting in Microsoft Q&A forum.

    1. Please check if we configure IP helpers in our environment. When you configure a single PXE-enabled distribution point to support multiple subnets(different subnet), it's not supported to use DHCP options. To allow the network to forward client PXE requests to PXE-enabled distribution points, configure IP helpers on the routers.
      For more details about the IP helper, please refer to this Microsoft article.
    2. As agreed with WarrenPilkington, we could check the configuration of our environment like the image shown below:

    Have a good day!

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