Azure Data Factory : Tumbling Window Trigger : Dependent Triggers not running

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Hi All, This is regarding Window time of tumbling window trigger in ADF for orchestrating all the jobs. At a high level the problem is that - when we are scheduling tumbling window triggers with having back to back dependencies and setting a Window recurrence as 24 hours, all the dependent triggers are not running and going into “Waiting for Dependency” state (only the first one getting succeeded). However, when we are publishing the trigger and scheduled to run with shorter frequency (say 2 / 4 hours), it is running as expected (with different dates and monitored over a day). So far, we have around 50+ triggers and all triggers (expect the first one) has 1-1 or 1-n dependencies. T2 will start on completion of T1. Similarly T3, T4, T5 should start on completion of T2 etc. Also, there is a requirement that all triggers should run daily once and retry number as 3 with interval 3 mins - This requirement, we have already configured in Tumbling window triggers. Any advise / help how to configure all these will be highly appreciated. Thanks!! Kaushik

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