VC++ complained wcscpy() at strcpy()?

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An error message:
*1>D:\programs\Neurotek\Neurotec_Biometric_11_2_SDK\Tutorials\Biometrics\CPP\FRV_Dll\FRV_Dll.cpp(514,31): error C2664: 'wchar_t *wcscpy(wchar_t *,const wchar_t *)': cannot convert argument 1 from 'char *' to 'wchar_t '

for the statement "strcpy (retMessage, "test ok");
where retMessage is declared as "char *retMessage".

My statement is "strcpy()", why does it complain about "wcscpy()"?

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  1. Guido Franzke 2,196 Reputation points

    it complains because retMessage is of type char* . wcscpy needs type wchar_t . There is no implicit conversion from char* to wchar_t*.
    As I told you before in another thread, I suggest you to use TCHAR and the TCHAR-routines.
    Regards, Guido

    EDIT: oh sorry, you use strcpy already. With char* and "test" the compiler will not complain. Is it really the code that you showed us? Do you really use char* and "test ok" in strcpy?

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