Pyignite Client.connect failed: Connection refused

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  • vNet address:
  • databricks public subnet address prefix:
  • databricks private subnet address prefix:
  • Databricks Runtime 7.4 (Apache Spark 3.0.1) deployed with delegated subnets
  • Kubernetes subnet address prefix:
  • Kubernetes version 1.19.7
  • Apache Ignite 2.9.1 deployed in the kubernetes $ kubectl get svc -n ayushman
    cohortstore LoadBalancer 8080:31751/TCP,10800:30608/TCP,10900:31092/TCP 29h

We are getting 'Connection refused' error when trying to connect to Apache Ignite cluster from Databricks Notebooks. Below is our simple code snippet.

from pyignite import Client

client = Client(timeout=40.0)
client.connect('', 10800)

We are able to connect to Apache Ignite using ./ from a Linux machine with in the vNet (outside the K8S subnet)

Any help to resolve this issues?

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  1. Porsche Me 131 Reputation points

    The issue was resolved with Microsoft support help.
    Issues was on Databricks side, the Databricks High Concurrency cluster setting - spark.databricks.pyspark.enableProcessIsolation was set to true.
    When spark.databricks.pyspark.enableProcessIsolation was set to true, Databricks will block all outbound connection apart from port 443.
    Solution was to add spark.databricks.pyspark.iptable.outbound.whitelisted.ports 10800 configuration on cluster advanced setting, since Apache Ignite thin clients connects on port 10800.

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