Adding custom fields to Windows Settings for my app?

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In some OSes there is a way to create custom settings for the app being developed, that are accessible from outside the app itself. Is this possible in Windows 10 (or even UWP)?
My thought was to be able to open the Windows settings; for my app and in that list of options (where I find items like Camera under App Permissions) and then add my own settings to this list?
I know it is possible to store these custom settings in-app but I wanted to be able to access some of them without to have to start the app.

If this is possible, do anyone know of a working example?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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  1. Matt Lacey 791 Reputation points MVP

    Windows is different from other operating systems with regard to how it exposes app settings.
    While, for example, iOS makes a differentiation between settings and preferences, Windows does not.
    With UWP apps, all settings related to your app should be configurable within the app.
    However, the ability to access the settings which relate to how the app interacts within Windows is configured within the system settings app.
    If you right-click on a UWP app's entry in the start menu and select More > App settings you'll be taken to the page within Settings for the app. Here you can adjust permissions, defaults, and more. The functionality exposed on that page is not extensible.

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