TCPView only counting 1/2 the traffic?

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I have two programs in the same computer using TCP to exchange data. My TCPView is v3.05, downloaded and installed today on my Win 10 Pro system.

The server side is listening on port 16406 and the client connected from port 53629 (this time) and I can see both connections in TCPView just fine.

When I suspend one program in the VS2019 debugger, TCPView shows the OTHER program as still sending data (keep alives) and the program suspended at a debugger breakpoint as receiving exactly the same amount of data. All good so far.

But when I resume the suspended program, TCPView is now showing the debugged program as both sending and receiving data, as expected. HOWEVER... TCPView is showing that the other program is neither sending nor receiving ANY data! This is incorrect as I can see the data being displayed in the program's window.

How can this be?

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Windows 10 Network
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  1. Sunny Qi 10,916 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    Thanks for posting in Q&A platform.

    First, I would suggest you could run the following command in Command Prompt to see if the connection has been established between server and client:

    netstat -a

    If the TCPView cannot capture the traffic between server and client after resume the suspended program, I would suggest you could use Network Monitor to capture corresponded traffic to see if the issue is more related to program itself or related to TCPView tool. And normally, in order to monitor and collect network trace, we prefer to use this tool.

    For more details regarding of how to download and use the Network Monitor tool, please refer to the following link.

    Collect data using Network Monitor

    Best Regards,


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