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Hi, with the GA release of Regional Vnet Integration without a Gateway link below;

The Azure Portal shows a message;

“The selected virtual network is located in the same region as your app and can therefore use regional integration which does not require a gateway. Portal support for configuring point-to-site integration within a region will be removed by the end of 2020.”

Does this will be deprecated December 2020 or will the Powrshell scripted solution still work for the rest of 2020/21 ?

Inpact of Regional Integration Concern -One of the limitations of Regional VNet Integration is that ‘you can't reach resources across global peering connections’. Is peering a UK West vnet to a UK South vnet considered a ‘global peer’ (not a regional peering)? If we adopt this integration method then I need to be sure UK West app services can talk to my UK South infrastructure.

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    There are indeed a few limitations today with regional VNet Integration that includes an inability to make calls across global peering connections. That is when your VNet is peered with a VNet in another region. Others include not working with NSG FLow, Network Watcher and load balancers. We want to work all of that. Plans are to have global peering support in place before we remove the ability to add new P2S feature from the portal. The other item that was required was to be able to integrate an app with a VNet in another subscription. That will also be available first.

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