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Okay, So I have a series of Item templates that have their own editor. However, implementing for the custom editors that are built in takes time. in the mean time i am using the editor in an External EXE capacity. This generally works fine for me at this point in time. Now, if you go to a file in the Solution Explorer, right click, and select "Open With", you can "Add Editor", which allows you to point to an external EXE. You can even set that new editor as the "Default" for the type of file you are opening. All I want to know is how to achieve this via the VSIX install process, so when my team installs the "item templates" it also creates the link to the existing EXE on their harddrive. Currently, they have to do this part manually, and I don't like that. :) Thanks Jaeden "Sifo Dyas" al'Raec Ruiner (Visual Studio 2019)

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