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How to get R console output log in Azure

I hosted an R shiny application in the Azure portal (as an app service using docker image in linux), due to some reason the tool is getting crashed hence I want to see the R output log (error message) in Azure portal to understand what is happening in the azure portal

I have STDOUT & STDERR messages in my R code to print logs

help me to get the actual R console output

Approaches i followed :

1 ) I tried to get the logs from az container

when I try to get the logs (in azure cloud shell) using
az container logs --resource-group myResourceGroup --name mycontainer1
Im not able to get any STDOUT or STDERR messages in the log file

2) i have enabled the application logs for my webapp

Im getting only the container is ready to serve request message ;

example: 2020-05-19T18:42:55.211Z INFO - Container sampleapp_0_454e9521 for site sampleapp initialized successfully and is ready to serve requests

Note: I want to see only the R console outputs (error and warning messages from R)

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Are you able to see to the STDOUT and STDERR locally? Can you see anything in your docker log files? You can see these files by navigating to kudu and click on Current Docker Logs or navigate to <yourappname>


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i can see the STDOUT and STDERR outputs in local R shiny - Rstudio console,

in kudu link, I'm not getting the STDOUT and STDERR messages, there I'm getting only the server load messages which end with following

2020-05-20T13:27:57.355Z INFO - Container sampleapp_1_0320211 for site sampleapp initialized successfully and is ready to serve requests.

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Also, i'm writing STDOUT and STDERR statements like below in the R code, is this correct way to print the Stderr message ?

write("Sample Std Out message", stdout())

write("Sample Std error message", stderr())

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