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Error configuring AD FS on windows 2016 server

I get an error when configuring ADFS for the first time. I search the internet and found only little information about this so I am posting for help here.


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We need more details to troubleshoot the issue further like the steps you performed, logs, event viewer messages etc.. Meantime, check it again by disabling Windows Firewall

Thanks, Manu

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Normal steps in configuring via Server Manager console. At the end of the configuration steps it says The server is not operational.

These are from event logs.


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Although it reports a certificate issue, the root cause can be a permission also. So, first make sure that the certificate is fine. If you check event log, you may see messages like 'AD FS detected that all the service certificates have appropriate access given to the AD FS service account.'. This shows that certificate is fine.

Have you tried to install ADFS by domain account? Try installing with Local System Administrator account also and see if you are able to succeed


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Could you please provide complete error and any events during this configuration?

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already replied above.

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