GetTypedHeaders().SetCookie in .net core

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Team, I am trying to access the response cookies in a result filter - OnResultExecuted like

var setCookieHeaderValues = context.Response.GetTypedHeaders().SetCookie;

I also tried using the OnStarting delegate on context.HttpContext.Response, however it never returns the cookies which are in set-cookie rather it is always returning an empty object. Am I missing something here? Please help.

Note, that I can see the response cookies in the chrome - dev tools 1) Application - Storage - Cookies and 2) Network - Cookies - Response Cookies

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  1. Michael Wang-MSFT 1,046 Reputation points

    Hi, @Karthik K V ,

    You could try coding as below :

    Codes of MyActionFilterAttribute :

    public class MyActionFilterAttribute : ActionFilterAttribute  
        public override void OnResultExecuted(ResultExecutedContext filterContext)  
            var setCookieHeaderValues = filterContext.HttpContext.Response.Headers;  
            var cookies = setCookieHeaderValues["Set-Cookie"];  

    Codes of HomeController:

        public class HomeController : Controller  
            public HomeController()  
            public IActionResult Index()  
               Response.Cookies.Append("Test", "hellocookie");  
                return View();  

    Test result:


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    Michael Wang

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