SCOM 2019: An agent disappeared from Agent Managed list

Abdulaziz Shebrain 1 Reputation point

Have no idea how this happened but so far it only happened to 1 agent. The following symptoms are noticed:

  • In Discovered Inventory (filtered to Windows Server) the server shows up as green checkmark, diagram view shows its components, performance view shows the discovered objects but no performance data gets returned.
  • In the console's administration pane, the server is nowhere to be found in Agent Managed (where it should be), Agentless Managed and Pending Management.
  • Attempting to manually install the agent through the Discovery Wizard and manually entering the server name to be discovered returns no servers discovered. (It's a domain-joined server so it should show up)
  • Logging in to the server and checking there directly shows the Microsoft Monitoring Agent installed and configured to home to the management group, but the event logs show that it cannot authenticate to the management group.
  • Checking from management server side I see event ID 20000 for 2 servers. (One of them is the server this post is about, the other one seems a slightly different issue so I won't get into it yet).
  • Running a generic report to try to get historic performance for the affected server data shows the latest data was about 2 months ago as of time of writing.

The above leads me to think that this server did exist as an agent (99% sure it was also Remotely Managed) until 2 months ago. While finding a root cause falls onto me (I'll keep looking but since this is a VM I have a sneaking suspicion about cloning + renaming shenanigans, have to check with my colleagues first) but I would appreciate any help on HOW to recover from this scenario for this agent.

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  1. System Center guy 686 Reputation points

    May be the servers is in the orphaned state. There are many reasons for this

    1. for non-trust servers or workgroup computer, the certificate is expired
    2. The operations manager DB is crash
    3. The problematic servers cannot contact to Management server owning to network issue.

    You may

    1. check what setting change on both server side and network size
    2. check any error on DB server or DB


  2. CyrAz 5,181 Reputation points

    The whole situation looks a bit messy indeed, but maybe we could first try to confirm the reason why you're unable to push the agent again?
    There may be some useful infos in the management server's logs here : C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager\AgentManagement\AgentLogs

    Also, could you run the following powershell command?
    It sometimes returns more results than what you see in the pending management view.

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