Xamarin template app crashing on my iPhone via Hot Restart - How to debug without Mac?

Edin Brodlic 1 Reputation point

I'm having an issue of not being able to run the Xamarin template from VS on my iPhone (XS - iOS 14.4)
The hot restart preview feature is enabled, and build and provisioning/signing works fine without any errors, but as soon as the app is started manually to commence debugging - it crashes as soon as it shows the Xamarin splash screen. (Android app via emulator works fine)

I was wondering:

  • Is anyone else in the same boat? I'm trying to figure out if its something about my VS/phone setup in specific
  • How do I debug the crash since I don't have a Mac, and the app crashes before the debugger is able to attach? I've browsed through the iTunes synced logs, but I cant really find anything important (but I could as well be missing it)
  • Do you have any tips in how to proceed?

I've reported the issue on GitHub but have not yet seen a reply, plus there is someone in the Discussions section with the similar problem, so I am wondering if this is widespread or can we narrow down the scope of the issue.

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