Best way to use blob storage to display images in a web app?

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I have a .Net app, lets pretend for visual sake its a classifieds app similar to craigslist.
In my code I am uploading images to a blob container no problem, and displaying them to my users via public URL.
Now, I think that its possible that some malicious users may upload raunchy photos or advertisements and use my application to host images for their own purposes which I do not want.
If I only want my blob public url images to be accessible by users who are in my web application (only by my web app), is the best practice to A) somehow utilize the API to assign a temporary token each time the user hits my page? (IE:
Or, B) load the entire image using my controller/backend code and send the bytes to my views with my own code, or C) some third more intelligent option?
thank you so much, im lost on how to proceed with this new app!

Azure Blob Storage
Azure Blob Storage
An Azure service that stores unstructured data in the cloud as blobs.
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    @Chris Seigel

    It sounds like you might find this tutorial helpful. There are also several related questions on Stack Overflow with examples and discussion that are relevant. Example 1 Example 2.

    Hope this helps you get started. If you have further questions issues please let us know.


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