Outlook Calendar folder missing from Calendar list until logging into the account on outlook.com

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I have a certain Outlook profile where calendars that I manually created don't immediately show up in Microsoft Graph.

For example, in Outlook, I create the folder "New Cal 7" under my main calendar folder. I then go over to Microsoft Graph Explorer, and list calendars with:

GET https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/me/calendars

The new calendar I created does not show in the list. All the rest of my calendars show up correctly.

Once I log into that same account on https://outlook.office365.com/mail/inbox, I can then do that same exact Graph request, and it now shows the calendar folder in the list.

Only that single Outlook profile has this issue. I created a different Outlook profile for the same user on the same machine, and calendar folders created there show up immediately on graph (and logging into that profile behaves like logging into office365.com in that it will fix all folders that weren't showing up before).

The request id for the request where the calendar didn't show up was done at 11:44am 2/22/2021
"client-request-id": "8b4e4991-572c-5333-2214-d4c6f6c34aaf",
"request-id": "20026831-40cd-426a-a6b5-85c25c4099f0"

The request id for the request where the calendar did show up (after I had logged onto office365.com) done at 11:47am 2/22/2021 is:
"client-request-id": "f054a2b9-e887-514a-8240-29eb3412aef9",
"request-id": "7ef3d61f-6ae8-40e4-9a3c-84af422256a0"

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