Is it feasible to use Excel Script for shared web spreadsheet?

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  • I want to build a little shared spreadsheet on the web. But I need a little macro to copy some data around. Nothing fancy, no external references, no UI.
  • This would be trivial in VBA. However, being on the web it needs to be in the new Script system. But is that actually feasible?
  • There is the Script Lab plug in but my impression is that it is useless because the scripts are only stored "in the local browser cache" whatever that really means. (Cookies?)
  • There is talk of an "Automation" Ribbon entry that needs to be "enabled by an Administrator". I do not know what that means, but I suspect that it means that the feature is only available to enterprise licenses. Not Home and Student. Not for people to use the spreadsheet that are outside the Enterprise. So useless.
    -There is some documentation about Deploying using your own web server. I actually have a simple LAMP server. If it was possible to just server a few static files or a simple protocol all would be good. However, it appears that even the simplest script requires complex protocols that require a special apache plug ins or Node or .Net, which I cannot install on this server. Is that the case, or is there a simple approach?
  • So is it feasible to use Excel Scipt? I suspect that the answer is to use Google Sheets. But maybe there are other or new options of which I am unaware.
  • It would also be nice to be able to use paragraphs in postings.
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