Multiple developers working on the same Logic Apps? (Think "git branch workflow" style or similar.)

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How can multiple developers work on the same Logic App(s) without stepping on each other's toes?
Is there a way that developers can have their own 'feature branch' (to use Git terminology) to work on?

Making a clone changes so much of the "code" that it doesn't seem like a good solution.
I haven't been able to find out much about this online, so any information (comments, links, docs, videos, etc.) would be extremely helpful.

Thank you!

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Azure Logic Apps
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  1. MikeUrnun 5,761 Reputation points

    Hello @Merry Purser

    Absolutely! Logic Apps does enable CI/CD workflow from multiple teams/developers with some help from Visual Studio IDE, Azure Pipeline as well as ARM templates. Assuming that your Logic Apps project continuously deploys to a single production environment on Azure, developers can use Visual Studio IDE to make their changes locally and capture their changes in a separate feature Git branch (or whichever branching strategy that your team is using) - just like any other dev projects. And proceed to use Azure Pipelines to deploy individual changes automatically.

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