Windows 2019 Datacenter VM with Desktop Experience

Arin Hunter 1 Reputation point

Hi All,

I am trying to spin up a virtual machine running Windows 2019 Datacenter for employees to use as a RDS terminal server.

To that end, I am seemingly unable to choose an installation of Windows 2019 with Desktop Experience installed.

Am I missing something simple here or is it not possible to create a virtual machine with a Desktop Experience installation of 2019 from among the images available on Azure?

This is holding back an important new deployment so any advice or answers would be very welcome.


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Azure Virtual Desktop
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  1. Stephane Budo 426 Reputation points

    Hi Arin,

    Are you using the standard images in the Azure Marketplace or did you upload you own image in Azure?
    If you are using the standard images, it should come by default with the desktop experience.
    If you are using a self-created image, then you'll need to create a new one with the desktop experience installed on it.


  2. Dave Patrick 353.6K Reputation points MVP

    You should have got a Desktop Experience by default. This one I just created moments ago.


  3. Dave Patrick 353.6K Reputation points MVP

    Well you can't get a windows desktop without it.


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  4. Dave Patrick 353.6K Reputation points MVP

    Also checking InstallationType here
    Core == "Server Core"
    Desktop Experience == "Server"


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  5. Stephane Budo 426 Reputation points

    Hi Arin, I think I see where the confusion comes from... The "Desktop Experience" feature in Windows 2016 and above means that you have the GUI installed to manage the server (as Patrick mentioned, you can then see the desktop). If the "Desktop Experience" is not installed, then you'll just see a command prompt (which was referred to as "Windows Core"). I've added a screenshot below of what Windows looks like without the Desktop Experience installed. When you mention the Desktop Experience, are you referring to the ability for end-users logging onto the terminal server to see their desktop as if it was a "workstation" desktop as opposed to a "server"? If so, this feature is no longer required as Windows 10 and Windows 2016 onwards have the same desktop environment, so this feature (I believe it was also called the "Desktop Experience" which confuses things a little) as been removed and is only available in prior server versions. Cheers, Stephane ![8524-windows-core-screenshot.png][1] [1]: /api/attachments/8524-windows-core-screenshot.png?platform=QnA

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