the view v_CertificateStatus is empty

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I am in version MEM CM 2010 + KB4594177.
I was trying the report "Asset with certificates nearing expiry" and I noticed the views v_CertificateStatus and v_CertificateHistory are empty.
Any setting to enable and use these tables?


Microsoft Configuration Manager
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  1. Amandayou-MSFT 11,051 Reputation points

    Hi @Duchemin, Dominique ,

    I query the views v_CertificateStatus and v_CertificateHistory, they are empty too.

    Asset with certificates nearing expiry, is it expiring user certificates? If so, we could use SCCM CI Baseline to check it, here is the link to refer to:
    Note: This is non-official Microsoft article just for your reference.

    If not, in order to avoid misunderstanding, could we verify the details of problem?

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  2. Duchemin, Dominique 2,006 Reputation points


    Why the views "views v_CertificateStatus and v_CertificateHistory" are empty?
    Also I am looking for Computer Certificate expiring, not User Certificate!!

    $certchk = Get-ChildItem -Path Cert:\LocalMachine\My |

    Where-Object {$.EnhancedKeyUsageList.FriendlyName -eq "Server Authentication" -and $.Issuer -notlike "CN=MS-Organization-P2P-Access*"} |
    Select-Object -Property PSComputerName, Subject, @{n='ExpireInDays';e={($.notafter – (Get-Date)).Days}} |
    Where-Object {$
    .ExpireInDays -lt 90}
    If (!($certchk)) {$Compliance="Compliant"}
    Else {$Compliance="Non-Compliant"}