anywhere we can download exctrlst to troubleshooting performance counters issue

Chua Liang Wei 181 Reputation points

anywhere we can download exctrlst to troubleshooting performance counters issue or we have others way

the links doesn't seem valid anymore

Windows Server
Windows Server
A family of Microsoft server operating systems that support enterprise-level management, data storage, applications, and communications.
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  1. Chua Liang Wei 181 Reputation points

    what we can see for the workflow failed

    Workflow Id: Workflow Display Name:
    Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.OperatingSystem.MemoryPercentCommittedBytesInUse.Collection Memory % Committed Bytes in Use 2008
    Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.OperatingSystem.MemoryPoolNonPagedBytes.Collection Memory Pool Non-paged Bytes 2008
    Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.R2.OperatingSystem.TotalPercentProcessorTime.Collection Processor Information % Processor Time Total Windows Server 2008 R2
    Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.OperatingSystem.PercentCommittedBytesInUse Percentage of Committed Memory in Use
    Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.OperatingSystem.MemoryPoolPagedBytes.Collection Memory Pool Paged Bytes 2008
    Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.MemoryFreeSystemPageTableEntries.Collection Free System Page Table Entries
    Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.OperatingSystem.SystemProcessorQueueLength.Collection System Processor Queue Length 2008
    Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.OperatingSystem.MemoryPagesPerSecond Memory Pages Per Second
    Windows.Monitoring.Extended.Monitor.PercentMemoryUsed Windows Percent Memory Used Monitor
    Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.OperatingSystem.MemoryPagesPerSec.Collection Memory Pages per Second 2008
    Windows.Monitoring.Addendum.OperatingSystem.PercentMemoryUsed2 Windows Percent Memory Used Monitor 2 (Custom)
    Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.OperatingSystem.PercentMemoryUsed.Collection Percent Memory Used
    Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.R2.OperatingSystem.TotalCPUUtilization Total CPU Utilization Percentage (Windows Server 2008 R2 Operating System)

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  2. Carl Fan 6,801 Reputation points

    exctrlst tool was released for Windows Server 2003 before. So now it's hard to download from the website.
    Please check the information in the link below
    Manually rebuild performance counter library values
    Hope this helps and please help to accept as Answer if the response is useful.
    Best Regards,

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  3. Chua Liang Wei 181 Reputation points

    we have checked the registry value does not exist. Manually rebuild the performance counter does not fix the issue.

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