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I've written an extension for Visual Studio (VSIX, for 2010 to 2019) ... it works, as long as I load it synchronously. Or... to be more specific: the menu items it adds are shown, when it's loaded synchronously. But I cannot see anything when I let it load asynchronously.

Now, I know that it is loading. My IAsyncLoadablePackageInitialize::Initialize implementation is called and in the end, when I close Visual Studio I also get the ::Close call. But, nothing that I defined inside the vsct file seems to have an effect.

I had to convert an old ATL project and, I'm sure something is missing. I've to do something more, maybe after the LoadUILibrary call? But what is it? What do I have to do in order to tell Visual Studio to process my resources? Do I have to call IMenuCommandService for that? ... why now? Why not when it was synchronous?

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  1. Rudolf Meier 291 Reputation points

    hmm... I think Microsoft wins here... I'm giving up and I will rewrite the add in in C#... why trying something? they want this managed crap, so... ok... they win...

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