Problems with combining logical expressions in Sentinel Incident API $filter

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I am trying to make a $filter query using the List Incidents API (

I want to query for 'incidents updated since some timestamp'

To achieve this, I'm trying to combine two conditions

Incidents with last modified time after my target date, e.g.

properties/lastModifiedTimeUtc gt 2021-01-11T00:00:00Z    

Incidents where created time is not the same as last modified time. (This is intended to exclude newly created Incidents from the results. I suspect this is NOT the right condition to achieve what I want; but that's another question.)

properties/lastModifiedTimeUtc ne properties/createdTimeUtc    

Those two queries both appear to work correctly on their own.

But when combined (with or without brackets), like this

(properties/lastModifiedTimeUtc ne properties/createdTimeUtc) and (properties/lastModifiedTimeUtc gt 2021-01-11T00:00:00Z)    

the query does not return expected results.

Specifically, it selects incidents where createdTime == lastModifiedTime

With curl, the full request looks like

curl '$filter=(properties/lastModifiedTimeUtc%20ne%20properties/createdTimeUtc)%20and%20(properties/lastModifiedTimeUtc%20gt%202021-01-11T00:00:00Z)&$top=5'    

In the response, for example

        "lastModifiedTimeUtc": "2021-02-24T16:11:09.2251843Z",    
        "createdTimeUtc": "2021-02-24T16:11:09.2251843Z",    

Notice the timestamps are the same. Whereas the filter expression asked for them to be ne.

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  1. Ewan Chalmers 6 Reputation points

    For info, we have found that

    We can successfully use the lt operator to compare createdTimeUtc and lastModifiedTimeUtc (whereas ne operator does not work correctly)

    We can make a 3 clause filter like this one, returning expected results. The filter expression can return error if clauses are not combined in an acceptable order (undefined in docs):

    properties/incidentNumber le 30141 and properties/lastModifiedTimeUtc gt 2021-01-01T00:00:00Z and properties/createdTimeUtc lt  properties/lastModifiedTimeUtc
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