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Good morning

This is something I've been coming back to for weeks,

I have an SSRS report, Page size and Interactive size set to 21cm, 29.7cm (A4). The margins are all 0cm. The body size is 11.69291in, 8.26772in (why is this in inches and the rest are in Cm ?????)

When I export to Powerpoint and change the page size to A4, it is over 2 pages.

Can someone advise, what size pages, and body I need to get it to fit in A4 in Powerpoint.

Thanks in advance

SQL Server Reporting Services
SQL Server Reporting Services
A SQL Server technology that supports the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, web-based reports.
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  1. Jeffrey Williams 1,891 Reputation points

    I am guessing here - but do you have the report defined as landscape or portrait? Also double-check your margins - I am not sure you can set the margins to 0 and that would cause your report to exceed the size and carry over to another page.

    If you select the body and then go to properties, you can change the size...the width needs to be no more than 11.7in minus the left/right margin. If you have a tablix or matrix that can grow - those could grow to exceed the width or height and force an additional page.

    Are you pre-positioning text boxes for each page and not using a tablix/matrix for this report?

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  2. ron barlow 411 Reputation points


    Thanks for getting back I just have 2 charts on the page. If I have a margin of 1 left all around do I subtract this from the body size to give the page size or subtract 1 from the page size to get the body size

    Apologies if this sounds simplistic, but I’m a very occasional Ssrs user.


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  3. ZoeHui-MSFT 35,381 Reputation points

    Hi @ron barlow ,

    I did some test locally with the data you provided. Firstly, I could re-produce your issue.

    The report size is as shown below.


    After online research I got that the page size of the Powerpoint is 25.4cm and 19.05cm.

    So I think the body height of our report should be less that 19.05cm as well.

    I set the body size with 25cm and 18cm, when I export to Powerpoint, there won't be extra blank page.


    So I guess that the body height size+top margins+bottom margins<=19.05cm to get rid of the blank page.

    Please have a try.


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  4. Olaf Helper 43,166 Reputation points

    Hello Ron,

    8.26772 in x 2.54 = 21,0000088 cm, that's larger then 21 cm and so you get a second page.

    You can change the unity on any time, simply enter "cm" for the unit.

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  5. ron barlow 411 Reputation points


    Thanks all for getting back to me.

    I did some experimenting with sizes as suggested. I need to cover the entire power point slide. It will have an image embedded, that goes across the top and bottom of the report

    The report is A4 landscape I changed the various sizes page, Interactive size etc in the report (XML in attached txt file ) and exported to PP. See attached Before image (1st image below).

    In PP I changed the Slide size to A4 and select the Maximize option and the report looked as required, except on the slide blade, I've lost the left margin and parts of the text boxes for printing. See attached After image (2nd image below).

    Am I missing something here, but it seems overly complicated to get an SSRS report into PowerPoint

    Thanks again