Visual Studio 2019: Identifier "time_t" undefined

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Very simple header file:

#ifndef _PTIME_H
#define _PTIME_H
#pragma once

#include <ctime>

class PTime

 time_t now;


Is giving me an error Identifier "time_t" is undefined. How is this possible? I included the proper header file. Why is Visual Studio 2019 complaining about time_t?

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  1. Guido Franzke 2,196 Reputation points

    try to include <time.h> .
    Regards, Guido

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  2. WayneAKing 4,921 Reputation points

    Are you getting a compile error, or an Intellisense error?

    If the latter, try using the option to rescan the solution
    found under the Project menu.

    Sometimes when code is added bit by bit Intellisense does
    not pick up all of the changes automatically. Doing a Rescan
    forces it to process all of the code in its current state.

    • Wayne
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