[UWP] [C++/WinRT] Receive and respond to http POST requests

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I'm somewhat new to UWP and C++/WinRT and wanted to port one of my applications to it. I'm now struggling to implement a http server that can receive and respond to POST requests. My original approach of using cpprestsdk does not work as http_listener does not support C++/WinRT going by 858. I'm now seeking for other approaches I could take. If possible without having to create an intermediary.

Maybe to add: The requests are coming from a local application (which I can't / don't want to influence) which is running on the same computer as the UWP application.

Edit: In the end I don't need to deal with much of the HTTP standard as I'm only really interested in the JSON data sent by the request. I'm currently trying to solve my issue by using sockets but if possible I'd rather not.

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