ADO.NET compatibilité matrix with SQL Server version and with Windows operating server versions.

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May I know where I can find a compatibility matrix between SQL Server versions and ADO.NET versions?

Also where can I find a compatibility matrix between Windows Operating System versions and ADO.NET version?

I am looking for something similar to what we can fin here for ODBC:

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  1. Carl Bruneau 136 Reputation points

    Hi coodadtx,

    "The only thing you need is the underlying database driver installed on the OS".

    What is the name of the driver for SQL Server?

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  1. Michael Taylor 41,636 Reputation points

    There is no compatibility matrix. ADO.NET works with any database for which you have installed the appropriate driver. It is a wrapper around the DB driver provided by the database and therefore has no versioning requirements. ADO.NET will work with any version of SQL Server from 2000+, for example.

    The only thing you need is the underlying database driver installed on the OS. You can get to that by going to the DB provider's site (IBM for Oracle, MS for SQL, etc) and searching for their .NET driver. The provider-specific driver may have compatibility requirements though. For example Oracle's ODP.NET driver works with all versions of Oracle from 8 on. However IIRC their newer ODP.NET Managed driver only works with Oracle 10+. It is up to each database provider's Windows driver to determine version requirements, ADO.NET doesn't care.

    There is also no compatibility between Windows and ADO.NET. ADO.NET is part of the .NET Framework so any OS that it runs on works with ADO.NET. The .NET Framework OS support matrix is here.

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  2. Carl Bruneau 136 Reputation points

    Hi cooldadtx ,

    If we are using the .NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server (System.Data.SqlClient), is your answer still the same (about the driver that is used)?

    Best regards.


  3. Carl Bruneau 136 Reputation points

    Hi cooldadtx,

    To be sure to really understand : What will happen if both drivers (OLE DB and SQL Server native Client) are installed on a ADO.NET client? Which one will be used? Based on what?

    Best regards.