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How to aquire access between two pages in wpf


I have two pages in my main window side by side. Page1, Page2 is loaded in two frames in main Window frame1 and frame2. Page1 has a datagridview with observation collection of product name. Page2 has a datagridview with observation collection of product details.

I want to load product detail in page2 datagridview when I click row header of page1 with a function call called
LoadDetails() .

I Want to know how to call this function to load data to detail page .

Also My frame1 , frame2 loads different pages according to category (from a combobox) .


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Hi, there's no DataGridView in WPF. If you use the same ViewModel as DataContext you can bind in Page1 the whole list (with product names) as ItemsSource in DataGrid and if user change selected row you can set current row as DataContext in DataGrid in Page2 and bind ItemsSource to product details.

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