Moving to full Intune - Devices still showing as "Co-managed"

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We setup SCCM for co-management last year, however, as we only really use SSCM for app deployment we have decided to remove SCCM and go completely with InTune. Our existing Windows 10 clients are enrolled into Intune but have a status of:

managed by = co-managed
compliance = see configmgr

New Windows 10 devices (not registered with SCCM) can enrol into Intune and have a status of:

managed by = intune
compliance = compliant

We have deleted the 'co-management' config within SCCM. We have also uninstalled the CM agent (ie: ccmsetup.exe /uninstall) on a handful of existing Windows 10 client, however, these still show as 'co-managed' and have a compliance status of 'see configmgr'.

How can we get the existing Windows 10 client to update so Intune knows its fully authoritative? At the moment we can only deploy Intune apps to the new Window 10 clients.

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  1. Chad Simmons 11 Reputation points

    I wrote this script awhile back for the same issues/scenario. It removes "everything" that the ConfigMgr client creates and more.

    Remove-ConfigMgrClient.ps1 on GitHub

    #   Remove-ConfigMgrClient.ps1  
    #   run ConfigMgr's uninstall command and cleanup leftover files, registry keys, and certificates  
    #   Log high-level actions to C:\Windows\Logs\CCMSetup-Uninstall.log  
    #   Stop ConfigMgr services  
    #   Copy CMTrace to C:\Windows to preserve it as a troubleshooting tool  
    #   Execute CCMsetup.exe /uninstall  
    #   Remove ConfigMgr services from registry  
    #   Remove ConfigMgr Client from registry  
    #   Remove leftover folders and files  
    #   Remove ConfigMgr Start Menu Software Center shortcut and empty folder  
    #   Remove ConfigMgr self-signed certificates  
    #   If -Force parameter used  
    #      Remove WMI Namespaces  
    #      Remove Windows Update Agent policies and rely on GPO or MDM to reapply them  
    #      Reset MDM Authority  
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  2. Pa_D 1,071 Reputation points

    Have you done CLEAN uninstall of SCCM client and registry?

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  3. Amandayou-MSFT 11,051 Reputation points

    Hi @PhilipPreece-5935,

    Our existing Windows 10 clients are enrolled into Intune but have a status of:

    managed by = co-managed
    compliance = see configmgr

    Please retire the co-managed Windows 10 device, and check the information on the side of device disappears, then delect the record of Windows 10 device in AAD, finally re-enroll the device into Intune, so that the device could be managed by intune fully instead of co-managed.

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  4. PhP59300 76 Reputation points

    Thanks both for the suggestions.

    PaD-7009, yes we've uninstalled the CM client using ccmsetup.exe /uninstall. We have also ran some PS scripts to delete all traces of the CM files, folders and registry.

    Amandayou-MSFT, just to confirm we should retire a co-managed Win10 device from within Intune. Then delete the hybrid joined computer account from AAD and allow it to resync back from on-prem to AAD. Then try re-enrolling into InTune?

  5. PhP59300 76 Reputation points

    Yeah, I used ccmsetup.exe /uninstall and rebooted them both. The ConfigMgr shortcut is no longer in Control Panel too.
    I've not forced policy sync as yet. I'll give that a go.

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