Azure Data Sync group "stuck in processsing state" even though the sync group is stopped

Jen Trinanes 96 Reputation points

Hi, Our Azure Data Sync group is setup to sync manually and it is in stopped state but the log show that it's still processing rows. It's been going on for 2 hours. ![72343-image.png][1] [1]: /api/attachments/72343-image.png?platform=QnA

Azure SQL Database
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  1. Alberto Morillo 33,176 Reputation points MVP

    Have you made any changes to the member database or hub database recently? If you have not done any changes can you uninstall the agent and reinstall it again as a workaround to make it work again. Only the agent please.

    Make sure the local computer has enough free disk space.

    After reinstalling the agent, the sync should say "In progress". Verify the DTU usage while the sync is "in progress", if you see 100% scale up to better tier until this process finish.