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I am working on homework on excel and one of the questions is "You want to count the number of applications that meet two conditions. In cell H5, insert the COUNTIFS function to count the total number of applications that meet two conditions: Scores in the range I11:I67 are greater than or equal to 3500 and Final Decisions in the range J11:J67 are Early Admissions (cell E3). " and I cant seems to get the formula right. Ive tried like 50 different things but they still dont work. I need help on this please.

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    Hi @Lori Hernandez

    =COUNTIFS(I11:I67,">=3500", J11:J67,E3)

    or (my pref.):
    =COUNTIFS(I11:I67,">="&3500, J11:J67,E3)