Feature request for 'streams'

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I love 'streams', but it's output is not friendly for post-processing.

  1. It splits the per file response across lines. This would be relatively easy to deal with except that...
  2. It outputs a '.{1,lots}<CR>' string at intervals. This requires extra filtering work to remove.

Please consider either removing the behaviour in (2.), or adding a command-line switch to suppress it.

A second issue I found is that you can only delete all ADSs attached to a file. I think it would be useful to be able to delete individual ASDs so that ADSs can actually be useful for adding tags to files.

For instance:

 Directory of C:\Home

2021-02-27  05:54                 0 file
                                  7 file:ads1:$DATA
                                  7 file:ads2:$DATA

It seems reasonable to be able to delete a single ADS using:

streams -d "C:\Home\file":ads1

or something similar. I tried several combinations and couldn't find one that worked so I assume it isn't supported.

Thanks for this truly useful set of tools.

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