Getting Different result when I run Computer Vision API on Python versus Example

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In the computer vision client there are 2 different ways to tag an image. --> computervision_client.tag_image_in_stream and ** computervision_client.describe_image_in_stream**

Code is as following

from import ComputerVisionClient
from import OperationStatusCodes
from import VisualFeatureTypes
from msrest.authentication import CognitiveServicesCredentials

from array import array
import os
from PIL import Image
import sys
import time
subscription_key = "53f32bba50f1443cb9ae7e927441db83" #I randomized it
endpoint = ""
computervision_client = ComputerVisionClient(endpoint, CognitiveServicesCredentials(subscription_key))
local_image_path = "/Users/kunal/Documents/AzureCompetition/Testing_img_NEW290_.jpg"

The image is 72590-testing-img-new290.jpg

When I run the code of

print("===== Tag an Image - local =====")

Open local image file

local_image = open(local_image_path, "rb")

Call API local image

tags_result_local = computervision_client.tag_image_in_stream(local_image)
print("== OutPut ==")
for tag in tags_result_local.tags:
print("\t'{}' with confidence {:.2f}% and with hints of {}".format(, tag.confidence * 100, tag.hint))

Result is

===== Tag an Image - local =====
== OutPut ==
'outdoor' with confidence 99.94% and with hints of None
'sky' with confidence 99.91% and with hints of None
'tree' with confidence 99.47% and with hints of None
'way' with confidence 94.48% and with hints of None
'scene' with confidence 89.64% and with hints of None
'plant' with confidence 72.12% and with hints of None
'road' with confidence 63.33% and with hints of None
'highway' with confidence 18.62% and with hints of None

And for the description

print("===== Describe an Image - local =====")

Open local image file

local_image = open(local_image_path, "rb")

Call API

description_result = computervision_client.describe_image_in_stream(local_image)

Get the captions (descriptions) from the response, with confidence level

print("== Description ==")
if (len(description_result.captions) == 0):
print("No description detected.")
for caption in description_result.captions:
print("\t'{}' with confidence {:.2f}%".format(caption.text, caption.confidence * 100))
print("== TAGS ==")
for i in description_result.tags:
print("\tTags: {}".format(i))

===== Describe an Image - local =====
== Description ==
'a road with trees and buildings' with confidence 32.45%
== TAGS ==
Tags: outdoor
Tags: sky
Tags: tree
Tags: way
Tags: scene
Tags: road
Tags: highway

So key thing is that the tags from the tag_image_in_stream is outdoor', 'sky' , 'tree', 'way', 'scene', 'plant', 'road', 'highway',
and from describe_image_in_stream is outdoor', 'sky' , 'tree', 'way', 'scene', 'plant', 'road', 'highway',

These are the same

When I run using the example API using this link

The result is 72607-image.png

The tags are
Tags [ { "name": "outdoor", "confidence": 0.9993659 }, { "name": "sky", "confidence": 0.9990735 }, { "name": "tree", "confidence": 0.994749665 }, { "name": "way", "confidence": 0.9448272 }, { "name": "scene", "confidence": 0.8963659 }, { "name": "plant", "confidence": 0.7211918 }, { "name": "road", "confidence": 0.633260369 }, { "name": "highway", "confidence": 0.1862132 } ]


Description { "tags": [ "outdoor", "road", "scene", "grass", "street", "side", "sidewalk", "sign", "track", "small", "riding", "path", "empty", "train", "platform", "narrow", "traveling", "stop", "country", "man", "board", "ramp", "double" ], "captions": [ { "text": "a sign on the side of a road", "confidence": 0.9447127 } ] }

In description it includes a lot more tags (i need result of sidewalk) so why is there a different result.

Same thing if I use the PIP Install and same thing if I use the ** REST API Directly from curl**

curl -H "Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key: 53f32bba50f1443cb9ae7e927441db83" -H "Content-Type: application/json" ",Description&details=Landmarks" -d "{\"url\":\"\"}"

{"categories":[{"name":"outdoor_road","score":0.5703125,"detail":{"landmarks":[]}}],"description":{"tags":["outdoor","sky","tree","way","scene","road","highway"],"captions":[{"text":"a road with trees and buildings","confidence":0.3245285749435425}]},"requestId":"2afd8806-2fff-4611-a9c2-24bccf49bf10","metadata":{"height":640,"width":640,"format":"Jpeg"}}

Same image everywhere
Img link is\_.jpg

Azure Computer Vision
Azure Computer Vision
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  1. romungi-MSFT 43,451 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @ODL_User 310106 Thanks for the details in your question. I think the reason you are seeing a different result from the REST API and the python library is because the demo page is using an older version(v2.1) of the REST API behind the hood which also uses Analyze API instead of Tag and Describe image APIs. You can verify that by running the older python package or REST API directly.

    I have run the request for visual features description and tags for Analyze API and it returns the same response as in the screen shot you mentioned above.


    The different versions of the API run with different models mostly because of upgrades in the models so the result could be different. You can choose to use the older version if the results seem accurate or upgrade to newer version. The older versions of the API are available until the team announces retirement for these versions. I hope this helps!!