I am not able to see Conceirge subscription in my account

Satish Kulkarni 21 Reputation points

hi All

I did a check on the queries and found some options. both of them did not work for me

I am not able to see the Conceirge option to proceed with the Exercise in AZ900., I can see only Free as option


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  1. Romeoben E Chua 31 Reputation points

    If you use you your organization domain to login to the Azure portal, you need to switch directory.

    After the switch, Concierge Subscription will now be available in the option.



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  2. Ramchandra Bhate 26 Reputation points

    I was not able to see Concierge Subscription and "Microsoft learn Sandbox" directory. I followed these steps to resolve the issue
    i) in Microsoft learn, even if you have activated sandbox, click on review permission
    ii) accept the permission and allow some time to get sandbox ready
    ii) close azure portal and open again you should see "Microsoft learn Sandbox" in list of Directories.

    @Satish Kulkarni

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  3. Armand Brunelle 491 Reputation points

    Hi @Satish Kulkarni

    You must verify that you are using your work account or school account to enter in the concierge subscription and start the online lab .

    Look to your screen while on the Azure Portal, in the upper right section, you should see your account name and image, see if you can switch account from there.

    If you are still stuck, head to your computer user accounts and create a work or school account.
    From here, you have all the ressource you need for your experiments : Connect to a Virtual Network

    Feel free to post and give us as much as possible informations, providing us details will lead to an unpreceded superior service and this is beneficial for everyone.

    I hope you will enjoy Microsoft Microservices!
    Regards, Armand B.

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  4. Leon Laude 85,226 Reputation points


    Q&A currently supports the products listed over here https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/products (more to be added later on).

    You can reach the experts in the dedicated Microsoft Learning forum over here:

    or support options over here:

    (please don't forget to mark helpful replies as answer)

    Best regards,

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  5. Satish Kulkarni 21 Reputation points

    I have an account created for my self to learn Azure and as Free subscription .
    The drop down does not come in to proceed .

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