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Can anybody tell me how do I upload VHD files within Azure cloud to Storage Container?

I have around 19TB of different disk storages which I have detached from different VMs and now I want to upload them to Azure Storage Container and Archive them.


I cannot find any option on Azure Portal or Azure Storage Explorer Application (for Windows).
If there is any such script please let me know.


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  1. deherman-MSFT 34,686 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    The script includes an option to use azcopy I have modified line 47 below, please check to see if it works for you.

    #Provide the subscription Id of the subscription where managed disk is created  
    $subscriptionId = "yourSubscriptionId"  
    #Provide the name of your resource group where managed is created  
    $resourceGroupName ="yourResourceGroupName"  
    #Provide the managed disk name   
    $diskName = "yourDiskName"  
    #Provide Shared Access Signature (SAS) expiry duration in seconds e.g. 3600.  
    #Know more about SAS here:  
    $sasExpiryDuration = "3600"  
    #Provide storage account name where you want to copy the underlying VHD of the managed disk.   
    $storageAccountName = "yourstorageaccountName"  
    #Name of the storage container where the downloaded VHD will be stored  
    $storageContainerName = "yourstoragecontainername"  
    #Provide the key of the storage account where you want to copy the VHD of the managed disk.   
    $storageAccountKey = 'yourStorageAccountKey'  
    #Provide the name of the destination VHD file to which the VHD of the managed disk will be copied.  
    $destinationVHDFileName = "yourvhdfilename"  
    #Set the value to 1 to use AzCopy tool to download the data. This is the recommended option for faster copy.  
    #Download AzCopy v10 from the link here:  
    #Ensure that AzCopy is downloaded in the same folder as this file  
    #If you set the value to 0 then Start-AzStorageBlobCopy will be used. Azure storage will asynchronously copy the data.   
    $useAzCopy = 1   
    # Set the context to the subscription Id where managed disk is created  
    Select-AzSubscription -SubscriptionId $SubscriptionId  
    #Generate the SAS for the managed disk   
    $sas = Grant-AzDiskAccess -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName -DiskName $diskName -DurationInSecond $sasExpiryDuration -Access Read   
    #Create the context of the storage account where the underlying VHD of the managed disk will be copied  
    $destinationContext = New-AzStorageContext -StorageAccountName $storageAccountName -StorageAccountKey $storageAccountKey  
    #Copy the VHD of the managed disk to the storage account  
    if($useAzCopy -eq 1)  
        $containerSASURI = New-AzStorageContainerSASToken -Context $destinationContext -ExpiryTime(get-date).AddSeconds($sasExpiryDuration) -FullUri -Name $storageContainerName -Permission rw  
        $containername,$sastokenkey = $containerSASURI -split "\?"  
        $containerSASURI = "$containername/$destinationVHDFileName`?$sastokenkey"  
        azcopy copy $sas.AccessSAS $containerSASURI --blob-type=BlockBlob --block-blob-tier=Archive  
        Start-AzStorageBlobCopy -AbsoluteUri $sas.AccessSAS -DestContainer $storageContainerName -DestContext $destinationContext -DestBlob $destinationVHDFileName  
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  2. Rodrigo Fernández M 21 Reputation points

    From what i know there is a storage account in every diskX you have. So i will be like putting a storage account inside other.

    If you are worried about backup you could make incremental snapshots if each disk. If you want to backup that data there is a snapshot process that can be incremental.

    You could also see how the storage account in disks have redundancy configured: LRS, ZRS o GRS.


  3. deherman-MSFT 34,686 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    This Stack Overflow thread has a PowerShell Script which copies a managed disk to VHD and moves it to storage account. Please review and see if it suites your use-case.


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