Character or size limit of multi-line text column with append changes in a Sharepoint List

Aykut Karaca 1 Reputation point

Hi Everyone,

I really couldnt find any answer on the web regarding the limit of a multi-line text column with append changes turned on. I have for example 10 version limit. Does that mean that after 10 entries/updates on that column, the oldest append will be deleted for this column? I test it but it does actually store more than 10 entries so what is the actual limit?

On internet people only answer on multi-line text but without append changes feature. They say around 65k characters or optionally unlimited if that option is turned on.

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  1. Li Zhang_MSFT 1,566 Reputation points

    Hi @Aykut Karaca ,

    Per my test, when we update Multiple lines of text column multiple times, it will show version limit+1 entries.

    After that, every time the column is updated, the oldest entry will be deleted in turn.


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  2. Aykut Karaca 1 Reputation point

    Aykut Karaca (2/17/2021 8:14 AM):
    ​new updates a
    Aykut Karaca (2/15/2021 5:48 AM):
    ​test 5555
    Aykut Karaca (2/15/2021 5:37 AM):
    ​test update 4444
    Aykut Karaca (2/15/2021 5:12 AM):
    ​test update3333
    Aykut Karaca (2/15/2021 5:06 AM):
    ​test update 222
    Aykut Karaca (2/15/2021 5:00 AM):
    ​test update111
    Aykut Karaca (2/15/2021 2:35 AM):
    ​test update...
    Aykut Karaca (2/15/2021 1:51 AM):
    ​Test Update
    Aykut Karaca (2/12/2021 8:27 AM):
    ​newest update
    Aykut Karaca (2/12/2021 8:23 AM):
    ​yet another new update
    Aykut Karaca (2/12/2021 8:17 AM):
    ​another update
    Aykut Karaca (2/12/2021 8:04 AM):
    ​Test Update
    Aykut Karaca (2/12/2021 3:29 AM):

    As you can see above, I have 10 versions in list settings but I have stored more than 10 edits in this multi-line column with append changes. So unfortunately your answer isnt right. Also Microsoft's own agent sent this message below. So their test also showed that you can store more than the version limit:

    Gloria Li MSFT has replied to your question Character or size limit of multi-line text column with append changes in a Sharepoint List in Microsoft Community.
    Hi Karaca,
    Thanks for sharing your experience in our community.
    Per your description, you would like to know the character or size limit of multi-line text column with append changes in a SharePoint List, given this case, we are trying to test it on our side, however, based on our test, we quite agree with you if set the limit number of versions as 10, we are able to enter more than 10 entries/updates. (If my test has any differences with yours, please let us know.)
    Regarding to your concern, I also have searched a lot while there seems has no Official article mentioned such limit of multi-line text column with append changes, to further help you, if you are willing, we highly recommend go to Microsoft Q & A Community and this forum has more resources on SharePoint online issues which might help you get more information. And we also welcome any community members who have some new ideas share here.
    Really appreciate your effort to share this with us and your cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated.😊
    Have a nice day and please take care!
    Best regards,

  3. Aykut Karaca 1 Reputation point

    Hello LiZhang,

    If you look at my example, my version limit is 10 but I have 13 updates in my multi-line text column with append changes. So not sure why it isnt like yours.

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  4. Aykut Karaca 1 Reputation point

    I have rich text enabled. Can that make any difference?

  5. Aykut Karaca 1 Reputation point

    Hi there,

    No those are turned off.