Upgrading my Android 10 project to make use of build in barcode scanner instead of fotoscan

cDGo 1 Reputation point

For my Xamarin.Forms project I want to make the switch from using an android phone to scan barcodes with the camera to a dedicated device (Newland MT90 or Zebra TC21).

First I would like to know if and how it's possible to use the barcode scanner if it's available instead of the camera or keep using the camera if no barcode scanner is available.

Next thing is how to make the easiest possible use of the physical barcode scanner.
No special requirements needed, just reading 1D/2D barcodes and QR-codes.

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  1. Alessandro Caliaro 4,181 Reputation points

    With Newland devices you can use Intents: Newland_Android_PDA_API_Handbook.pdf

    With Zebra you can use EMDK: tutAdvancedScanningAPI EMDK for Xamarin

    But now the EMDK to read barcodes is deprecated... you should use Datawedge and Intents:

    Some code is for java, but it simple to port to Xamarin Android. I have done this some years ago, maybe it is useful: XamAndroidDataWedge

  2. cDGo 1 Reputation point

    Hi Alessandro,

    I used your XamAndroidDataWedge to start using the Newland scanner.
    I took some small changes, but I got the scanner working.
    Unfortunatly it was a disappointing experience.

    In my app, I have a few different tasks which combine scanning barcodes and making pictures.
    At the moment I'm using my samsung A71 phone to do all of these tasks.
    The barcode scanning works quite well, if there's enough light.
    So there the idea of such a dedicated device started.

    But when testing the Newland, it turns out that the device runs on Android 8, and couldn't be upgraded.
    And the device it self was quite slow with the camera, and the qualtiy of the pictures it took are ok, but not great.
    The scanning is what makes these devices great, but also an one action only at the same time.
    But the constant switching between scanning and taking pictures, and clicking buttons in the app isn't just the thing for this device.
    So the choice was to spend € 300,- on the samsung or 700,- (hardware only) on the Newland.
    I haven't had the change to also test the Zebra TC21, so no idea if that device was faster, but I did liked the idea that it starts on Android 10.
    For now I do not see the advantage of costs for the newland over the allready available Samsung which can also be used to call.

    Maybe someone else has some input about the zebra.

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