API reporting on Teams conferencing and CQD

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Currently usage reports of Teams are good, our use case will include calculating the ROI for users having remote meetings and not physical ones.

Would like to be able to export the info available via the users dashboard into a list of conferences and participants the user has had meetings with for the last 7 or 30 days.

At the moment there is no API access to meeting information as it is, the CQD modules or BI connectors will not provide this information.

We would like to see by Organizer UPN, the conference Ids, duration and participants list. We can obtain the total numbers, but not a detailed view.



Global User Usage Report:

Id, DisplayName, UserName, ChannelMessages, ReplyMessages, PostMessages, ChatMessages, UrgentMessages, MeetingsOrganizedScheduledOneTime, MeetingsOrganizedScheduledRecurring, MeetingsOrganizedAdhoc, TotalMeetingsOrganized, MeetingsParticipatedScheduledOneTime, MeetingsParticipatedScheduledRecurring, MeetingsParticipatedAdhoc, TotalMeetingsParticipated, 1:1 Calls, AudioTime (Minutes), VideoTime (Minutes), ScreenShareTime (Minutes), LastActivity (UTC Time), OtherActivity

"d219f492-xxxx-xxxx-a5ed-05a245633930,"User Display Name",user@keyman .com,0,0,0,22,0,2,0,0,2,10,0,0,10,0,353,352,0,"2021-02-24T11:01:05Z",No

Desired Report:

User UPN, DisplayName, Meeting ID, Start time, Participants, Participants UPNs, Duration, Activity type, Client, Audio quality

User@keyman .com, “USER NAME”, “0215d237-0c4a-450d-872c-xxxxxxxx1566”, “Feb 25, 2021, 11:59 AM GMT+1”,12,”participant1@keyman .com; ...; participant12@keyman .com”, 01:07:55, “Conference.”, “Microsoft Teams”, “Good”

Is this something anybody has managed to achieve?


CQD PowerShell:




Thanks in advance

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Microsoft Graph Cloud Communications API
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  1. Deva-MSFT 2,241 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hmm, thanks for the update/feedback. Consider filing a new Microsoft Uservoice/feature request based on your above requirement or upvote the related one, so that it can be considered to be implemented.

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  2. Frank 1 Reputation point

    Hello @Deva-MSFT ,

    I have dig a bit and found that maybe the Cloud Communications API is the way to go, but having a hard time obtaining any useful results. Thanks for the tagging, I have upvoted the idea you suggested but not quite a match, also will post a new idea in the forum even if I find really difficult to get traction on those.

    I know the information its available on the CQD, but due to it using direct query as one single table, it makes really complicated for me to work with it ... maybe more of a Power BI question there.

    Said this using CQD, I can get the user ID and online meetings IDs for the past month, but I cannot see the way for the API to work with what I am getting back:

    CQD meeting ID: 49a7807c-xxxx-xxxx-96ed-df0ccf70e2ca
    Expected API meeting ID: MSpkYzE3Njc0Yy04MWQ5LTRhZGItYmZiMi04ZdFpHRTNaR1F6WGhyZWFkLnYy


    So apparently, unless I create the meeting using the Comms API, seems there is no way of retrieving that info that nevertheless is available through the portal.

    What am I missing here? Thanks again.